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Lets Talk about Wellbeing

What's happening with The Wellbeing Society this semester

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Let’s Talk about Wellbeing



The Wellbeing Society was created to spread mental health awareness amongst our university students and reduce the stigma of it. We aim to:


  • Make multiple connections within the university and the Student’s Union on how to best support students. The more conversations students have with us, the more changes we can make. 
  • Work with charities to create events that YOU can be a part of.
  • Create an environment where students can support other students.


What we have achieved so far:

  • Instagram posts including spreading general positivity and informing you on useful apps, websites and social media accounts.
  • Collaborated with LTU news on an article called ‘Mental Health Matters’ discussing mental health rates in students and support services available. Check that out here: 
  • Katie Cecilia (Chairperson) has made connections with SU and LTU staff, giving them student feedback on services and support to encourage change!
  • We are in affiliation with HeaducateUK, a charity that brings mental health societies from all around the UK together to discuss ideas and plan events.
  • Collaborated with the Chaplaincy on a ‘Wellbeing Walk’.
  • Released ‘The Wellbeing Society’s guide to Christmas’ on the SU website, for those who were staying on campus or Leeds over the winter break. You can find the booklet here:
  • ‘Wellbeing Tips for Students from members of The Wellbeing Society’ which will be released in a Psychology magazine later this semester!


What we want to achieve this semester:

  • Posts focusing on upcoming mental health dates on our Instagram! Check out our previous posts here:
  • Mindfulness/Meditation sessions around assessment/exam time (April/May) This is subject to student demand.
  • Creating mental health crisis cards to be distributed around campus (In collaboration with Rachel, VP of the SU)
  • Katie will continue discussions with LTU staff and students to find ways to promote LTU services and mental health awareness!
  • Focus on wellbeing support options during the elections! Find out more about them here:
  • Continuing to provide a space for students interested in mental health/wellbeing to help spread awareness J


As a society, we provide a safe space for students to meet and discuss ways of spreading mental health awareness and information around positive wellbeing. We now meet once a week to discuss upcoming mental health dates and various aspects of the university experience. Thinking of getting involved? If you’d like to become a member or would simply like to offer feedback on your university experience, drop us a message on @ltuwellbeingsociety on Instagram or alternatively email us on



The LTU wellbeing society is to promote wellbeing support available and to work with mental health charities and the university. If you require mental health support, please get in touch with the Wellbeing Team or Student Support.


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Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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