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Lockdown 3

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Refunds for Halls of Residence Students

The University has confirmed that a 100% rent credit will be given to any students who have not been able to return. An email has been sent to those affected so please take a look at your student emails. 

Information for Campus Students

'Following last night’s government announcement about the national lockdown, we are working through the guidelines and awaiting further details from the Department for Education.

We will email students and staff as soon as possible to explain what the new restrictions mean for you. Please keep an eye on your University inbox.

In the meantime, it is important that students remain at their current address – whether at their home/vacation address or in their term-time accommodation – to minimise transmission of the virus. The latest government guidance can be viewed here:' - Leeds Trinity University

Use the myLTU app online or on mobile (Google Play Store and App Store) for updates from Leeds Trinity University

Access to the Library

'In response to the January 2021 national COVID-19 restrictions, the Andrew Kean Learning Centre is CLOSED until further notice.

The Click and Collect service is now suspended and you will not be able to make reservations.

The 24 hour IT room is available to WYP students when they are on campus for teaching and for other students without suitable study facilities at home. Spaces in the 24 hour IT room must be booked online in advance.

Any loans due back in January or February have been renewed to 5th March 2021.

Contact us for support at or on 0113 283 7244 between the hours of 08.30 - 17.00 Monday - Friday' - Leeds Trinity Library

'Is there an e-book or particular journal article you need for your studies? If it isn't available through the Library you can use our Request Service. Simply go to and fill in the request form. We will try and get hold of it for you.' - Leeds Trinity Library

Chelsey and Chris jump into action

'Myself and Chris will be jumping straight into action tomorrow to find the best way to support you all with welfare and studies from wherever you may be!' - President Chesley Grooby. 

'Please do ask any questions and we'll be sure to answer them or find one as soon as we can!' - Vice President Chris Dow

Looking out for your wellbeing

'It's another difficult time ahead but we'll be searching high and low for answers and doing everything we can to make this period as easy as possible. If you have any questions or need further support please don't hesitate to message us. Our inboxes are always open.' - President Chesley Grooby. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: I was planning on going back to my accommodation on Monday, am I still able to do so? 

A: The government advises against all non-essential travel for the duration of lockdown. Check your student emails for information about campus halls of residence. In exceptional circumstances please seek advice from the Student Support team at the University as they will be able to provide up to date guidance for you. 

Q: Will grade boundaries be lowered with us being taught online and lack of resources? 

A: President Chelsey is in discussions with the university to reinstate the No Detriments policy. An update will be provided asap. Please use the Academic Voice Form on the myLTU app to give feedback regarding your learning/teaching experience.

Q: Bring back the no detriment policy! 

A: Chelsey is in discussions with the university to bring back the no detriments policy. You can give feedback regarding your learning/teaching experiences using the Academic Voice Form which is on the myLTU app. 

Q: What if we have library books due back during lockdown?

A: 'We will automatically renew items on loan to 5th March 2021, so please do not be concerned about this'. - Leeds Trinity Library

Q: I use public transport to get to uni, will that make any difference to lessons?

A: Most classes will be taught online, to help adhere to the government advisory against all but essential travel. If you do have a class on campus remember to follow the hands, face and space advice. Once on campus, there are one-way systems in place to help guide you through the building enabling you to keep good distance at all time. 

Q: What support can be given to students who are single parents and now full-time home ed tutor?

A: Academic support can be sought through SU Advice (book an appointment), personal tutors, and the peer learning mentors. 

Q: Why isn't there leniency for uni students but there is for secondary and college students?

A: I know this can feel incredibly unfair and stressful, as more guidance and advice comes from the government we will update you. Just remember you are doing great and we are really proud of Trinity students who we know are working so hard.

If you are struggling please book an SU advice appointment to get 1:1 support and information regarding mental health, wellbeing and more. 

Q: Feel like my last assignments have been poor due to lack of resources...

A: We understand this is a frustrating time for many students. If you do not have the resources you need please get in touch and we can help resolve any issues.

Q: How will placements work?

A: The current lockdown is set for 6 weeks, at the moment it is unknown if this will impact placements taking place in Semester 3. Course leaders will be able to provide more information regarding placements as more guidance becomes available. 

Q: Will the canteen be open for students that are already on campus?

A: 'Yes, whilst students remain in halls there will be a food provider open for those who are unable to leave campus.' - President Chesley Grooby. 

Q: When will Kirkstall students be refunded the food money they couldn't use during isolation?

A: 'Conversations surrounding accommodation fees and contracts will begin tomorrow morning. all information surrounding this will be shared on this page to keep you updated!' - President Chesley Grooby. 

Q: Can I still come move back to uni on Friday and spend the whole term there?

A: 'It has been strongly advised in government guidance to stay in your current location until lockdown is over. Please do not risk travelling to campus unless absolutely necessary and if you do please seek the advice of an appropriate university staff member first.' - President Chesley Grooby. 

Q: Should my parents still pay my accommodation rent? 

A: 'Further information regarding rental payments and halls fees will be released as soon as the university receives more government guidance. I'll be posting any updates I have on this page through the week(s) to keep you informed.' - President Chelsey Grooby

Q: What will happen with placements that are due to start in May? 

A: 'This lockdown is currently predicted at 6 weeks in length, hopefully meaning that end of year placements should continue in places such as hospitals and schools. If any further information on placements is shared I'll post an update!' - President Chelsey Grooby

Q: Can students already in halls stay?

A: 'Yes, if you are already in your student hall of residence you are able to stay'. - SU


Please get in touch if you have any further questions! Leave a comment below, message us on social media or send an email.

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