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SU on Tour; Services

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What is SU on tour?

Students' Union [SU] on tour is an opportunity for you to meet with the President (Zoha) and Vice President (Chris) of the Students' Union and feedback on topics that affect you.

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Topic; Services on Campus.


Overall students' are happy...

"Very broad and in-depth across the majority. I don't use many personally however, the ones I do use such as the Library and Placement Office are very helpful and useful."

"The services are good and easy to access"

"Most of the services at the uni are good."

"The services on campus have been effective the time I've been here, all the staff are friendly and assist me in the best way."

"Very good especially StUdio staff."

"All services have been fully explained in how to access them. If struggling to know how to access them then are loads of people who are willing to help."

"Everywhere very helpful! All staff always willing to help! Could do with a few more copies of books (Primary Ed) or make available online!"


The placement office is well-liked...

"The placement office is very friendly and professional."

"Placement office is helpful"

"The placement office offers good support."

"The placement team is really helpful and get back to you quickly."


Parking is still a pain...

"Hard to park after 10 am, needs improvement."


Students love the Library...

"Library is really good and easy to loan books, the staff is really friendly and helpful."

"The Library is nice and clean and revere is plenty of computers and books."

"The Library is good but can get very busy and they need to provide more books for certain courses."


Student Support also sees some love...

"I feel like the Student Support listens to you and help you out really well as I had problems with student loan and they helped me out in getting it done and sending it off. Also with the library, it's a nice quiet area to go to when you want to work in peace."

"Student Support is fantastic and really helpful. I use the library and other services on campus a lot and they are great."


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