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Sexual Harassment

What is Sexual Harassment and how can it be dealt with?

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can be described as any form of unwanted sexual behaviour. It can happen anywhere, such as at school, on the bus or at work and can be a ‘one-off’ or repeated behaviour.


Common forms of sexual harassment include:

  1. Someone making sexual comments, jokes or gestures, including including jokes about sexuality
  2. Spreading sexual rumours about you
  3. Staring or leering at your body
  4. Name calling such as “slut” and “whore”
  5. Sending unwanted sexual emails, DMs, images or text messages
  6. Offering rewards in return for sexual favours
  7. Showing sexual photos or videos at school or work
  8. Lifting up your skirt or top, or pulling down your trousers
  9. Someone exposing private parts of their body or masturbating in front of you without your consent
  10. Pressuring you into doing sexual things that you don’t want to do
  11. Unwanted touching or physical contact without your consent

Some of these can also be classified as types of sexual assault.


So, how could you deal with sexual harassment?

  1. Ask them to stop.
  2. Make a note of what happens.
  3. Speak to someone whether it is a parent, a lecturer, a friend or to us at your Student Union. The important thing is not to suffer in silence and give it time to potentially escalate.


There are many resources online that are here to help you navigate problems such as this, here is one that we recommend giving a read...

Brook: Sexual Harassment and Assault


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