Stay Safe, Stay Sexy: Get tested for STI's



Stay Safe, Stay Sexy: Get tested for STI's


Hey friends! Guess what? It's time to get real about something super important: sexual health!  In 2021, England clocked over 311,000 new STI diagnoses—yikes! But don't freak out, we've got the lowdown on how to stay safe and still have a blast.

Who's most at risk? Well, if you're getting cozy without condoms with new or casual partners, it's time to pay attention. LGBTQ+ folks, Black Communities and us young adults, especially those 15 to 24, are in the spotlight, facing higher STI rates.

HIV. It's still making waves, but here's the tea: early diagnosis and treatment means living your best life! And remember, "undetectable=untransmittable" is the ultimate flex. 

So, how do we keep our love lives lit while staying safe? Condoms are our MVPs for blocking STIs and HIV. And don't forget to hit up those regular check-ups—once a year keeps the doctor away, right? Remember we offer free condoms so pop by our offices (AG-102 - AG-105) for free supplies. 

Testing's a breeze these days. You can even order kits online, test in your PJ's, and get results without leaving your dorm. Easy peasy!


And hey, if you ever need a helping hand, sexual health services have got your back. They're like your bestie, offering free, confidential treatment and all the advice you need. Plus, there are tons of resources out there, like Sexwise and the national sexual health helpline.


So, let's keep the vibes high and our sexual health even higher! Stay safe, stay sexy, and let's slay together, fam! 

Matt is also available to advise on any Sexual Health queries. Just pop by AG-7A (near the dining room) or Book a Chat with Matt. Matt offers in-person and online appointments.


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