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Student Council Policy; E-book Provision

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Union Notes

1. Students across all three schools are assigned a variety of required and recommended reading for each module

2. Many Lecturers choose to compile this reading into printed booklets

3. Printed material is beneficial for many students, including students with access requirements

4. However often students are burdened with a copious amount of paper, primarily consisting of recommend reading.

5. E-books are often more suitable for students with certain access requirements.

6. E-books significantly reduce Paper wastage.


Union Believes

1. That we should continue to support the provision of Printed materials where appropriate.

2. That we should also work the University to increase the proportional use of eBooks, and encourage academics to print off work only where required.

3. That the expanded use of eBooks would significantly reduce paper wastage and provide students with more choice in how this wish to consume their reading material.


Union Resolves

1. To mandate the sabbatical officers and relevant part-time officers to work with the university to reduce the volume of paper used in this manner. 

2. To increase the provision of eBooks across all schools.


To support this project please contact your President 


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