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Student Council Policy; Kashmir Awareness Campaign

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1. Kashmir is a Himalayan region bordering China, Pakistan, India, and Tibet. Around two-thirds of the region is controlled by India, and the other third by Pakistan. It has been divided between India and Pakistan since the partition in 1947.

2. There is an international campaign by the name of “Stand with Kashmir”.

3. There are a number of students at Leeds Trinity who have ancestry and in some cases family from Azad Kashmir

4. Kashmiri citizens are under a communications blackout with no phone lines, internet, and TV access, with the government having huge power over the internet.

5. There is a very real fear of ethnic cleansing spreading among Kashmiri diaspora abroad.


Union Believes

1. That raising awareness of the ongoing situation in Kashmir is an important symbol of solidarity to our students with ancestry and family in the region

2. That it is vital, as a Union to protect and ensure our student's wellbeing not only in an immediate material sense but in a holistic and expansive sense.


Union Resolves

1. To mandate the President to lead on an awareness campaign to give voice to students with links to Kashmir and to help students understand the situation in Kashmir.


To support this motion please get in contact with your president on


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