Time to Talk Day: Tips and Tricks


Tips for talking and listening about Mental Health during Time to Talk day.


Time to Talk Day is an annual awareness day to help people and communities to come together and raise awareness for the importance of discussing mental health. The more we discuss mental health, the more we break the stigma.


One thing is for sure… talking about mental health isn’t easy – but it can be. We know a conversation should never be one-sided when it comes to mental health. So take a look at our Top Tips for talking about mental health and how to be a good listener.



1. Take your time

2. Don’t be afraid to take a break

3. Look after all aspects of your health and wellbeing

4. Choose a communication style that you feel comfortable with

5. There’s no rush open up when you feel ready



1. Try to understand how they feel

2. Try not to interrupt and be patient

3. Look after all aspects of your health and wellbeing

4. don’t assume how they’re feeling – ask open-ended questions

5. Don’t try and fix it. If you think they need more advice – direct them to our advisor!


Here at LTSU we offer third party independent advice, this means that you can have discussions without worrying about them impacting your studies or other relevant areas. Our Student Advisor Matt is available for you to book 1 to 1 appointment with here. You can also look at the full range of support that LTSU Advice offers by viewing our support section here.


If you would like more information about Time to Talk Day, feel free to check out their website at timetotalkday.co.uk, and find out more ways to celebrate and raise awareness for this day!


This Time to Talk Day, why not put our top tips into action?


Find out more information about Time to Talk Day here ? timetotalkday.co.uk