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Meet our new Officer

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Rachel Ward Sat in front of Student Union

This week the Student Union welcomed a new Officer. Rachel Ward joins the Charity as your newly elected Vice President. We caught up with Rachel this week to talk shop and see how things were going;

Q; What should students know about you?

Rachel; "I would like students to know what I stand for. I'm very passionate about inclusivity and equality. My top priority is students' wants and needs. I stand, and will campaign for what students bring to me."

Q: What do you do for fun?>

Rachel; I'm very musical. I'm always on my guitar. I am a MASSIVE fan of Netflix. Love a good night out. Avid sporty person, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Formula one. If I had to pick one to watch for the rest of my life it would be Premier League Football. 

Q; What gets you motivated?

Rachel; Learning new things, helping others, working as part of a team. I now join the team here at Trinity. I desire to be the best I can be. So I will put myself out there. I hope my passion for a lot of things will come across to students.

Q; What's your favorite thing about Trinity?

Rachel; It's a family. I feel I can call it home. Due to the people around me or the experience I have had since arriving. It's the longest place I have lived in a row. 

Q; What surprised you on your first day?

Rachel; How welcoming everyone is. I came from a background as a military family where it's a little tougher to be a newcomer. 

Q; What should students expect from you?

Rachel; Honesty, openness. Please don't be afraid to approach me. 

Q: Have you come across any challenges recently that you know other students are experiencing?

Rachel; Coming to Uni, you are still finding yourself as a person. Many first years will be coming next year under COVID situations. Trinity is a safe place to find yourself. 

Q; England Football. How far?

Rachel; The final! I reckon we will win. Big aspirations. 


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Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
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