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What's in it for me? Why should you become a Course Rep?


I might currently be your President, but whilst I was a student I was also the representive for my course! I gained a lot of really invaluable experiences and I wanted to talk to you about all the amazing reasons you should put yourself forward to be a Course Rep!

What is expected from me if I am elected as a Course Rep?

The Course Rep role is a great balance: big benefits and fairly little time commitment! The role is what you make of it! You will attend two or three Student-Staff Academic Committee meetings over the Academic Year. In these meetings you get to feed back to staff on your academic expierence; how you found lectures, assessments, timetabling, teaching etc.

What's in it for me?

Making a Difference
This is your chance to make a real difference to yours and your fellow students’ lives and experience at Leeds Trinity University

Developing Networks
Being a Course Rep is a great opportunity to meet the staff and students in your School or  and also students from across the University at Course Rep social events. 

Gaining New Skills
As a Course Rep you will develop and learn transferable skills that will help improve your employability.

Reward and Recognition
All Course Reps receive recognition on their HEAR transcripts; that means that when you graduate, your voluntary work as a rep will be recongnised on your degree!

You will also be invited to take part in the Academic Interest Awards Ceremony where you'll also be eligible to win Rep of the Year

...and a Free Hoodie
All of our Course Rep also get a customised Course Rep Hoodie completley free

What skills will I gain from being a Course Rep?

Being a Course Rep is all about making a difference to students’ lives, but it will also allow you to develop a range of skills that will make you more employable. Better still, it will show you to be the sort of person willing to go the extra mile to support others.

Some of the skills you’ll have the chance to develop during your time as a Course Rep include:

  • Communication

  • Public Speaking

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Self-management (Personal Effectiveness)

  • Problem Solving

  • Presentation

  • Negotiation

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership, and more


Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I do as a Course Rep?

  • Represent the views of students at departmental committee meetings, which are usually once per semester 

  • Seek the opinion of all the students on your course by holding meetings, using social media and designing surveys

  • Give information to students through a variety of methods

  • Preparing for meetings and following up actions after meetings

  • Attending Students’ Union Social Events to meet other reps

  • Attending training sessions, including the introductory 'How to be an Effective Course Representative' session

How do I nominate myself?
You'll be able to nominate youself right here on the LTSU website once nominations go live on 17th 

What positions are available?

Undergraduate: Every  course will be represented by at least one Course Rep. Smaller courses may share a Rep between them.

Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research: Larger courses will have at least one Course Rep. Smaller courses may be grouped by subject area, and these Reps will represent several PGT/PGR courses.


If you want to find out more, why not head to our Course Rep Hub?


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