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Your Study Space

Does your environment enable you to study well?

Sometimes, where you study is just as important as what you study.


Numerous studies have found that the place or “context’ in which you study affects how you’ll remember that information. Of course every student knows this, since all of us have tried to read in a loud cafe or in our dorms while a roommate is practicing guitar. Some study sessions are more effective than others.

Even if you can’t make nearby people whisper like they’re in a library, this is ultimately good news, because you have a lot of control over where you choose to study.

Wherever you live, wherever you tend to study, consider these tips for creating the best study space out of your environment...

Tips for curating a great study space:

  1. Get comfortable - is your chair comfy and adjusted properly? You'll want to be sat upright, and be eye level with your monitor if you use one. 
  2. Make use of natural light and place yourself in a way where your screen isn't being affected by glare. Natural light is way less harsh on your eyes that artificial lighting.
  3. You might be tempted to put your favourite music on whilst you study, give ambient music a try instead.
  4. Houseplants are a really great addition to a study space with some studies saying that they are proven to help increase productivity and concentration...just don't forget to water them!
  5. Give yourself time away from your mobile phone, pings and notifications will break your focus. Keeping your chosen space to studying only will help you.
  6. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with it might be cramped at times. Try to get some fresh air in where you can, whether it's opening a window or taking breaks periodically to walk about or go outside for a few minutes.


These are just a few tips, ultimately you know the way you work the best!

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