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The Enactus LTU (Leeds Trinity University) society is open to every student regardless of area of study. We will be working closely with vulnerable beneficiaries within our community to improve lives both locally and globally. If you have a passion for sustainability and equality then committing to the Enactus programme with us, the Enactus LTU team, is the perfect way to immerse yourself in solving societal issues and meeting like-minded people within your university community.

What Enactus is:

Enactus is about value-driven students taking entrepreneurial action for others, innovating impactful projects that: target the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; and will enter into national and global competitions yearly. The idea of these competitions is to replicate the competitiveness of real, for-profit organisations, in order to pique innovative creativity within the sphere of social enterprise. Enactus has been running for over four decades and works with over a thousand campuses in 36 countries.

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What the Enactus LTU Team/Society will do:

This coming year will be the first year of operation for Enactus LTU. We have been working hard to innovate 3 nascent projects that you, as a new member, will be introduced to, and heavily involved with. We will work with business coaches from employers such as Unilever and Asda, as well as many others. For this reason, the Enactus programme boasts an incredible employability rate for member-student graduates (45% application success rate, compared with just 0.9% for non-Enactus graduates). We will constantly measure the impact of each project on their target beneficiaries which include elderly people with limited mobility, refugees, and more. As a member in its founding year, you will have a big influence on the success of Enactus LTU and you will have the opportunity to take a leading role in following years.


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