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Nomination FAQs


What do I have to do to put myself foward?

You'll be able to nominate yourself for a role from Friday 6th January 2023, 9am - Thursday 16th February 2023, 5pm. Before nominations close, all you need to upload is your name! Then we'll help you with your manifesto and photo.

I'm having problems nominating myself, what do I do?

For any issues with your nomination, please email

Why is there a paper and online manifesto?

You can submit your manifesto as an online or a paper version (you don't have to do both). We'd suggest submitting an online manifesto as voters will see this when they go to vote!

How many roles can I go for?

You can go for one role in the Leadership Elections (that's the President, Vice President, and Student Council elections). In the Club and Societies Committee elections, you can go for one role per club or society.

Isn't it just the most popualar candidate who wins?

Anything can happen in an election - there are no guarantees. Even if someone knows lots of people, it doesn't mean those people will vote for them. Students care more about what you're going to do for them (your manifesto). Remember that every vote counts - if you take the time to encourage students to use their vote you can make a huge difference.

I'm an International student - am I allowed to take part?

Yes! Any student can run in the Leadership Election. If you want to run for a voluntary part-time role, you might be interested in the International Students' Officer' role. If you'd like to run for President or Vice President, we can support you in applying for a Tier 4 visa extension if elected.

I'm a Postgraduate student - am I allowed to take part?

Yep! Any student can run in the Leadership Elections.

Do you have to be in your final year to take part?

Nope, any student can run in the Leadership Elections. If you want to run for a full-time position (President or Vice President), you can do so and take a break from your studies.

I think my friend would be a great leader, can I get them to run?

Tell us about them! If you think they'd do a really good job, then Recommend Them using our form.

I have another question that's not answered here, who do I ask?

If you have any questions at all, please email No question is too 'small'!

Campaigning FAQs

How much time do I need to spend campaigning?

It's up to you, but the more you speak to students and let them know your manifesto aims, the more votes you'll get. Plan when you're going to campaign ahead of time so that you know you'll have time for your studies as well.

I've never campaigned before - how will I know what to do?

We'll be providing training and advice on how to campaign and what you'll need to do it! Make sure to attend these sessions - they might be the reason you get elected.

Are there rules about campaigning?

Yes! Take the time to read the Candidate Rules to make sure you're following them. If you're unsure of whether something breaks the rules, ask us at It's always better to ask than receive a complaint!

Voting FAQs

How does voting work?

The SU uses a voting system called Single Transferable Vote (STV). Voters rank the candidates for each position in order of preference (1,2,3...etc). Voters don't have to put more than one preference. In order to win, candidates need to gain over 50% of the vote, either by gaining more than half of the first preference votes (#1 votes) or by redistribution of votes. This means that #2 and #3 votes can really impact the outcome of the election!

Who's RON? Why are they running for all the positions?

R.O.N stands for Re-Open Nominations. Voters can vote for RON if they choose none of the candidates, indicating that they want the election process to start again.

Can candidates help students to vote?

No. If students aren't sure how to vote, direct them to contact Candidates must not assist students to vote in any way.

Can candidates talk to students while they're voting?

No. Candidates must leave students alone once they are voting.

Where and when do I vote?

You can vote online during voting week (Monday 27th February 2023, 9am - Thursday 2nd March 2023, 12 midday). You'll also be able to vote at our voting booths in the Atrium!

I have another question that's not answered here, who do I ask?

If you have any questions at all, please email No question is too 'small'!

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