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    Action on accessibility for remote contact/lectures/seminars for students with disabilities or specific learning needs

      The changes under covid-19 regulations have affected all of us, and many students are struggling to access or manage new systems, whether that is seminars through teams, recorded lectures, or in simply in terms of having less contact with other students. This will be having both an impact on their learning and their mental health. Students with disabilities are being effected even more, whether this is delays to accessing DSA, or the lack of accessibility of some of the materials provided. I propose we set up a working group to look specifically at this issue. There may be practical solutions to some of these problems - for example, if students with sensory processing difficulties struggle with sensory overload in teams meetings they might be able to make use of the break out room facility with the support of their tutor. We could make better use of forums on moodle. and there are programs such as Otter - which can provide text to speech if the captions are not accessible through panapto. It might be worth setting up an online forum on this issue so ideas can be shared.
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