Katie Armitage


Name: Katie Armitage

Role: Women's Rugby Union Social Secretary

What skills did you gain or build upon during your role?

Although this year isn’t what we expected, I still took this role very seriously. It was important to maintain communication with all the team, even if it was mostly virtually. I tried to keep everyone’s moral up, knowing that it wasn’t what we wanted, by doing virtual socials, catching up individually and as a team.

What impact has this had on your work, education, or day-to-day life?

This role, and being part of the women’s rugby team has just made university that much more enjoyable. I have a group of people I can rely on if I’m ever struggling, we help each other through anything, university related or not.

Tell us your favourite thing about the Students' Union!

The Student Union brings everyone together, no matter how different we are. University is all about meeting new people, meeting your friends for life, and the student union at Leeds Trinity University encourages and helps that so much, making sure everyone gets the best experience!

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