Thomas Haigh


Name: Thomas Haigh

Role: LGBTQ+ Officer (2013-2015), SCBL Officer (2015-2015), Men's Rugby Union Member (2014-2015), SU Shop Staff (2013-2014)

What skills did you gain or build upon during your role?

During my time as LGBTQ+ Officer, I gained political skills in being that open voice for the LGBTQ+ students of LTSU as well as being hosting my first ever campaign as a Marketing professional.

The Out In Sport campaign was to raise the awareness and presence of openly LGBTQ+ athletes and students competing in a sports club. As I was the only openly Gay rugby union player during my 2nd year at university, I wanted to raise the awareness and the homophobia stigma in playing a sport. The campaign took place during LGBTQ+ History Month which was a great example as each of the supporting clubs wore an item of rainbow (i.e. laces, socks, wristband, etc.) within their sports kit to show their respects. As a result, my fellow team mates all wore a full rainbow rugby kit to show their support, love and respect for their openly Gay player and I still have my shirt to this day as a reminder. In addition, the campaign led to encouraging the other sports teams to follow suit and each committee from each club signed a banner to raise the awareness as a pledge to stop homophobia in sports and that is ok for any LGBTQ+ student to be apart of a sports team.

I gained and built variable skills that I take forward with me from being involved within the LTSU. My communication skills enhanced because I was speaking to a wide range of people everyday.

What impact has this had on your work, education, or day-to-day life?

I was able to be a voice for all students no matter the background, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity and age, and I am still that voice for many others. Within my running own creative agency to students I take on for placement opportunities.

Tell us your favourite thing about the Students' Union!

My favourite part about the SU was being able to host the blind date night two years in a row in the SU bar. I was believed that I was channeling more Alan Carr than Cilla Black.

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Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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