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Kelsey Howard- Matthews 



President’s Duties:

- To be the spokesperson of the Union both in discussions with the University and external organisations (with the exceptions of BUCS), including the media.

- To represent the Union within the National Union of Students, including, but not exclusive to, representing the Union at NUS Conference and any emergency National Conferences.

- To ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for the academic representation of students through a system of representatives across the provision of the University.

- To Chair the Board of Trustees.

- To sit on the Student Council.

- To sit on the Student Executive Committee.

- To Chair the Annual General Meeting and any other General Meetings.

- To be the student representative on the University’s Board of Governors.

- To sit on the University’s Academic Board and other senior institutional committees to ensure the effective representation of students.

- To ensure that all of the positions on the University’s committees that are allocated to students are filled.

- To line manage the Union’s CEO.

- To promote the Union’s democratic structures and ensure that all students are able to particiapte in them.


As the President of the Student Union, my role allows me to lead the  voice of the student body on academic matters. My role requires someone with maturity, drive, resilience, and exceptional communication skills to represent the students and advocate for their needs and wants.  

My main responsibilities include:  

  1. Collaborating with the executive team to set and achieve the Student Union’s goals and objectives. 

  1. Planning and delivering initiatives that serve the student body. 

  1. Promoting the Unions’ democratic structures to ensure that all students can participate in them. 

  1. Representing the student body in board and committee meetings with internal and external organisations.  

  1. And much more, my role allows me to Be the Change.  

Being the President of LTSU gives me a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the student experience and leave a lasting legacy.



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