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Maddeleine Goodhand

Faculty of Social Sciences & Education

As the SSE Representative at the Student Union, I will play a vital role in shaping the future of the student experience within our school. I have a passion for pursuing the best student outcomes and a drive for change, I will be the voice of the SHS student body.

My main responsibilities include:

  1. Representing your school’s student body in meetings with the student council and the SU to enact change at a wider university level.
  2. Gathering student feedback and opinions to inform the Student Union's and the University's initiatives and decisions.
  3. Building strong relationships with other Student Union Officers and Course Representatives to foster collaboration.
  4. And much more, my role allows me to Be the Change.

As the SSE School Representative, I will have the opportunity to make a real impact on ou school community and leave a lasting legacy.


Student Council is a part-time role. If your enquiry is urgent please contact the SU at

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