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Caitlin Fieldhouse



Vice-President’s Duties:

- To promote and protect student communities ensuring the effective support and welfare provision for students at Leeds Trinity University.

- To promote the opportunity to create new clubs & societies to students.

- To represent the Union within BUCS.

- To sit on the Union’s Board of Trustees.

- To sit on the Student Executive Committee.

- To sit on the Union Council.

- To advance the interests of, and ensure the development of, the Union’s affiliated Clubs & Societies.

- To deputise for the President in any or all of their roles in the event that they are unavailable.

- To ensure that adequate resources and support are provided to the clubs & societies and to oversee their administration.


- To be a student representative on the Student Experience and Engagement Committee and the Leeds Trinity Sport Group.

- To ensure that the Union and the University provide a diverse range of entertainments and activities for students in order to enrich their experience at the University.

- To oversee the student-led charitable fundraising. 

As the Vice-President of LTSU, I am responsible for representing and supporting the welfare and social needs of LTU students. As a leader in the student community, I will work closely with other members of the student union to advocate for the student interests and create a positive and supportive environment on campus.  

My main responsibilities include: 

  1. Collaborating with other student union leaders to develop and implement programs and initiatives that encourage engagement with welfare, social and sporting activities.  

  1. Engaging with students to understand their needs and concerns and developing strategies to address these issues. 

  1. Building relationships with other student organisations and community groups to create a supportive network for students. 

  1. And much more, my role allows me to Be the Change.  

Being the Vice-President will give me the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of students. I will play a key role in making LTU a welcoming environment for all students and shape the future of the university community.  


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